Sam’s dinner.

Thursday 6th January 2011
(Sausage, pasta & broccoli.)

Travelling home today so I made him a packed lunch to have on the plane.
This is called Sam’s dinner as a friend’s child use to eat this as a toddler because he had food allergies. All the food groups are represented; protein, carbohydrates & vegetables. It always looked very appetising to me.

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2 Responses to Sam’s dinner.

  1. Sarah Holmes says:

    Thanks for adding me into this blog.  I have enjoyed
    reading what you are up to in the kitchen.  It has made me
    think about what I am making for my kids and what they might be
    thinking about it.  It is a source of inspiration actually,
    and a source of new ideas for what to serve.  One of my things
    is getting stuck in doing always the same dishes.  Cos they
    have like different things I tend to go for the crowd pleaser meal,
    or the one which causes the least grump from whoever doesnt like
    it. My way of dealing with it is doing the dishes that they will
    all like – ie a small repertoire.  Time to broaden it I
    think…and not take it personally if they dont like it.   The
    photos make it all very vivid and very real – I can see you in your
    kitchen and in your flat, I can picture MS rating your food, I can
    hear him saying what he says…. I like this. Im not sure how a
    blog works, this is the first one I have read, I want to say good
    luck with it and keep doing it, I am enjoying reading

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