Full English Fry-Up.

Friday 14th January 2011

(Bacon, Fried egg, Tomatoes,
Mushrooms, Sauted Potatoes.) This started off as just bacon
& eggs. But then I had the dilemma of it only being protein,
no carbohydrates or vegetables. So it quickly turned into a full
blown fry fest. MS eats each thing until it is gone, starting with
the bacon because he can pick it up with his fingers, before
starting on the next. So by the time he has finished the bacon
everything else on the plate is stone cold.

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One Response to Full English Fry-Up.

  1. janeedwards2324 says:

    Ah, you can’t beat brinner!!! This is one of W’s favourites. We saw an episode of Scrubs ages ago and he would ask for brinner as a treat and since then it turns up on the menu quite a bit. What I did see was some make it almost as a bread and butter pudding. I tried it and it was delicious!

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