Monday 17th January 2011
(Mushrooms with Black olives & Bacon with Goat’s Cheese.)

I got this recipe from a book called ‘Dad’s Manual’ It’s a book about doing things with your kids. This was in the cooking section. I’ve tried a few pizza base recipes and this seems to be the best.
MS would usually help me make the pizzas but was engrossed in a football game on the computer.
He thought the mushroom & black olive pizza “didn’t look like a real pizza” and therefore was given 7/10. The bacon & goat’s cheese was a 5/10 because it had ‘no ingredients-nothing to it.’
In his defence it was a well matured piece of goat’s cheese that was quite strong. That being said he still managed to polish of a fair bit of it.

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One Response to Pizza.

  1. fotini says:

    Nice site!
    But how about branching out a bit. How about something Greek or Asian?Need more ideas, let me know.x

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