‘Potro’ burger with Homemade Chips, Grilled Tomatoes & Savoury Peas.

Tuesday 18th January 2011

Dinnertime conversation consisted of,

What would happen if you ate 3 burgers in one sitting?

And how easy it is to crush peas with your fingers.

MS decided that his tummy would explode if he ate 3 burgers and that crushing peas was so easy he could do it with his little fingers. Yet another excuse to use his fingers to eat.

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7 Responses to ‘Potro’ burger with Homemade Chips, Grilled Tomatoes & Savoury Peas.

  1. Johnny says:

    Love it. Come on publish the recipes please.

  2. I love these burgers. Not only are they really flavoursome
    especially those made with onions but you cook them so
    well.(Medium rare.) I always feel good about eating these as they
    are great for our iron intake. The chips were perfect too-the
    real mccoy!Thanks again for yet another great meal!

  3. janeedwards2324 says:

    Savoury peas remind me so much of when we were young! I was never a big fan of peas, but this always seemed like a meal in itself. Thanks for the memory bro!!

  4. roger edwards says:

    do you know i think i could eat those peas!!!

    jayden has just had his 1st introduction to garlic with carrots and squash
    pa xx

  5. Sasha Eaglestone says:

    I’m enjoying the blog. MS is a lucky boy, it’s not easy to be inspired all the time when cooking for kids who turn their nose up at the slightest whiff of something unfamiliar. This one would go down well in our house.

  6. Joanna Budden says:

    Ha, glad to see you cooking a bit of horse! I gave Izzy a horse meat and artichoke pureé once when she was little-er. She loved it! The Yaya swears horse meat is really full of goodness. I’m not a huge fan myself though – can’t get over the fact it was a trotting, neighing beauty!

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