Ham & Cheese toasty.

Friday 21st January 2011

Not everything I serve up for MS is a big hit. This is one of those things. Some days he likes them, some days he doesn’t. It depends on his mood for that day.
I remember once when he was about 4, he freaked out on me for giving him a banana. Now he probably eats a banana everyday but on that day he wasn’t having any of it. He moaned at me, “I don’t want it. Do you not know anything Daddy? I hate bananas!” 4 going on 14!

It wouldn’t stop me from serving it up again another day though.

I made this as an afternoon snack and yes, he ate it.

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2 Responses to Ham & Cheese toasty.

  1. Jon says:

    I love a cheese toasty as much as the next man but that
    doesn’t look like your best work, I must say. Well done for getting
    MS (?) to consume it.

  2. Jo Budden says:

    J- you even make a cheese toasty look really extra tasty.
    Could you post me one?

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