Weetabix with Raisins & Gogi Berries.

Wednesday 26th January 2011

Not strictly what MS had for dinner last night, but a meal all the same.
I’m posting this to show what MS has for breakfast. We were talking last week about what other people have for breakfast around the world, and this is what he decided was his favourite breakfast.
He doesn’t always have the gogi berries. I try to sneak them in whenever I can get away with it which isn’t often. There are times when I catch him taking them out one by one.

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One Response to Weetabix with Raisins & Gogi Berries.

  1. How funny!I never knew he picked them out…I will have to
    keep an eye out for this!All the same this always feels like a
    fairly healthy breakfast and at the weekend I can usually manage to
    get half a banana added in!MW

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