Lentil Stew & Potatoes with Raisin & Walnut Bread.

Thursday 27th January 2011

(Wild garlic, Onions, Pepper, Bacon, Lentils, Potatoes, Stock left over from the Lamb shanks we had Monday.)

MS has a 3 course meal for lunch at school. It’s all pretty good food but it does cost us about 5 Euros a day. We get given a menu plan for the month which we dutifully put on the kitchen door. Occasionally I might look at it in the morning and tell him what he has for lunch that day but more often than not I forget. This means that sometimes, and only sometimes, he could get the same meal twice in one day. Once at school for lunch and again at home for dinner. When I pick him up after school the conversation invariably turns to what he had for lunch, that is if he’s not talking about football!

“So what did you have for lunch today big guy?” I said.

“I dunno I can’t remember.”

This is a stock answer because he can’t be bothered to take his mind off of the game of football he is playing in his head and focus on the question in hand. (Can’t blame him really, but I’m trying to broaden his interests.)

“Well, try and remember…was it lentils?” I said trying to coax a ‘No’ out of him.

“Yes!…” He said. surprised with himself for remembering. “And they were horrible. They actual made me feel sick just looking at them daddy. Just like porridge does.”

“No!” I said, kicking myself for not checking this morning that he had them for lunch. “But you like lentils normally, don’t you?”

“Yeah but they were horrible. Oh no, wait a minute…not lentils they were chickpeas.”

Panic over.

His verdict on the ‘lentils’ I made was, “different from usual, 9/10”.

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One Response to Lentil Stew & Potatoes with Raisin & Walnut Bread.

  1. Lentil strew is my favourite meal. And this was absolutely gorgeous…more gorgeous than normal thanks to such a rich flavorsome sauce & perfectly cooked potatoes.xxMW

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