Fish Pie & Fine Green Beans.

Sunday 30th January 2011

(Hake, Salmon, Prawns, Onions, Carrots, Peas, Whole Grain Mustard, Cream, Spinich, Boiled Egg, Mashed Potato.)

We had a dinner party last night so I had to think of something that would be suitable for both adults & kids. I figured everybody liked mashed potato & fish.

MS’s friend, Theo, gave it “9.9/10”.

His brother, Zachy, gave it “10/9”.

MS said, “I give it a 9/10 because it’s not my sort of thing.”

I guess I was right, kind of.

It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe.

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2 Responses to Fish Pie & Fine Green Beans.

  1. roger edwards says:

    you know i love fish pie xx

  2. As always this was a beautifully tasty fish pie but particulary as it was for a dinner party it had so many prawns and so much salmon that every mouthful was delightful.MW

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