Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice.

Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Both MS and I are ill today, so there was a lack of culinary
delight coming out of the kitchen. The only thing I managed to
muster was a bowl of plain white rice.

This is something MS made on Monday.

He set himself the mission of making two glasses of orange juice in 20 minutes. A long time to squeeze half a dozen oranges you may say but he knew what he wanted and 20 minutes was the time
he needed to get this right.

An alarm was set and we were off.

First I set him up on the table with the orange squeezer and cut
all the oranges in half. 4 minutes later the squeezing was complete
but the preparations didn’t end there.

He then had to set up the dinning room table for us both to sit and drink it. Place mats and napkins were called for and the table was set.

Then he wanted to decorate the glasses with slices of orange and straws. Unfortunately we didn’t have any straws so we decided to go with the classic look.

It was very important that the whole 20 minutes were used and so I was allowed to continue with the washing up until the last 30 seconds before the alarm sounded when I was told to drop what I was doing and run to the table so I was sitting down as the alarm went off.

I managed this with seconds to spare.

We then sat there for the next 5 minutes drinking in silence. They
were big glasses so I knew he was never going to finish all of his.
After I had finished I went to get up only to be told that I wasn’t
allowed to leave the table until he had finished. (Something I had
said to him many times!) I must admit I found it quite frustrating
to have to wait.

*Mental note: I must eat faster in future.

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One Response to Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice.

  1. Stef says:

    A very cute – and touching – story. Your son sounds like a
    sweetie. And you sound like a very good dad.

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