Horse Meat Burger with Cheese & Potato Wedges.

Tuesday 8th February 2011

“8/10.” He announced without touching a thing on his plate.
“And the reason why it’s only got 8…” He continued.
“…is because the burger takes over the cheese.”
“But it’s not a cheese roll, is it?” Said MW.
“No, but if you wanna eat meat you eat…ribs or…lamb chops or…beef. But if you wanna eat a cheese burger you gotta taste the cheese…and the second point was because it’s too big for my mouth.” He concluded.

He paused for thought and then added, “And onions in a burger are just wrong!”

What do you think, onions in a burger, yes or no?

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6 Responses to Horse Meat Burger with Cheese & Potato Wedges.

  1. Julian Jahanpour says:

    Mmm, looks delish. I also had a burger tonight and am all for the onions, but that’s my personal taste.

  2. Stef says:

    Wow, that *is* a pretty big burger. I’m not a fan of onions unless they are sautéed; so, raw onions on a burger = no for me; but brown them up in some butter (and maybe some mushrooms), and that’s a different story… 🙂

  3. roger edwards says:

    you know me and a burger, but i would go for onions fried. i get YS point about the cheese though. good comment S

  4. Mistral Zagni says:

    This was a delicious burger and onions are an absolute must. I love the combination of burger and salad with the crunch and kick of the onions.

  5. Onions…yes. Horse…no. 😉

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