Warm Lamb Baguette with Mint Jelly & Cold Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes.

Wednesday 9th February 2011

I have very fond memories of lamb sandwiches. We would always have them on a Sunday for tea after mum had made a roast lunch.

In the 80s there was a program on tv called ‘The Beiderbecke Affair’ about a very undynamic duo trying to solve a crime. It was on on Sunday evenings around 7ish and it was perfect Sunday night viewing for a young boy who wasn’t yet old enough to go out at night.

I would make sure I was bathed and in my pyjamas by the time it came on so I could sit and eat my lamb sandwich in front of it. It was the last thing that was good about the weekend before I had to go back to school on Monday morning.

I can see myself sitting on MM big red velvet sofa wearing my winciette pyjamas with wet hair, never taking my eyes off the tele as I posted my lamb on buttered white bread sandwich into my mouth.

Good times.

I made this for dinner on Sunday night for MS. Making sure he was bathed and in his pyjamas just in time to watch ‘Rolie polie olie’, he ate his lamb sandwich.

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2 Responses to Warm Lamb Baguette with Mint Jelly & Cold Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes.

  1. Stef says:

    Isn’t it funny the memories we have as children, and how they inform our experience as adults? Fun that you got to (get to) share your experiences with your son, and help him form memories of his own.

  2. roger edwards says:

    that’l do me

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