Chicken Roast.

Tuesday 15th February 2011
(Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots & Green Beans, Cauliflower Cheese & Garlic Gravy.)

There are 3 things I remember about roast dinners when I was a kid.

1. The wonderful smell of boiling cauliflower that filled the house.

2. Crispy chicken skin, salty & still warm.

3. And when MD was doing the carving of the joint he would cut off little bits of the meat and put them on the edge of the chopping board for the ‘little mouse’ (Me) to come and take while he wasn’t looking, before exclaming;

“Pat, that little mouse has been in again!”

(I play the same game with MS, and he gets just as excited as I used to.)

I asked MS what he thought was the best thing about a roast dinner and he said;

“That it’s chicken and I can use my fingers.”

Just for the record, he can use a knife & fork.

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6 Responses to Chicken Roast.

  1. Julian Jahanpour says:

    Now that looks like a fantastic roast dinner! Mmm the chicken skin is nice ‘n’ crispy!

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    You make a great cauliflower cheese thanks to your tasty home-made cheese sauce. Also your roast potatoes are so crispy and fluffy. Thanks. MW

  3. Stef says:

    I loved reading about the game your dad played with you – and that you continue with your son. Wonderful.

    And your cauliflower cheese looks amazing! Do you have a recipe you’d be willing to share?

    • Thanks Stef.
      I’ve got no secrets when it comes to recipes. Everything I’ve learnt I’ve got from someone else.
      It’s a basic cheese sauce that you make with a little melted butter. Add a spoonful of flour. When it has the texture of very soft play dough add some milk little by little until it’s all desolved into the milk. Once it’s thicken up add the grated cheese. I used 2 different kinds of cheese and lots of it. One good time

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