Mushroom & Flat Leaf Parsley Quiche with Roasted Pumpkin & Grilled Asparagus.

Friday 18th February 2011

We are very lucky that MS loves vegetables. Maybe unlike other children he tends to eat the veg on his plate before anything else. Every meal is accompanied by them and I try to vary them as much as possible and eat what’s in season.
I’m not trying to sound saintly (there’s plenty of other stuff I get wrong) as I think some of it is luck but I think it has help that both MW & I have a very positive view of vegetables and food in general. We are always very honest about what’s good for your body and health, and what’s not so good. That said, he still gets to eat horrible looking fluorescent pink sugar coated sweets once in a while!
My take on healthy eating is that the key to a child that eats well is balance. Not too much of anything. If you can be consistant with this, let me know how.

So as not to end this post on a preachy note I thought I’d let MS have the last word.
“What’s your favourite veg Z?” I asked.
“Advocado…” He replied. “Is that a veg?”

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2 Responses to Mushroom & Flat Leaf Parsley Quiche with Roasted Pumpkin & Grilled Asparagus.

  1. Stef says:

    I adore veggies too. I think a lot of it is in how a person is raised; if veggies are at the table at every meal, they are nothing to “fight” about, they’re just part of the meal. Same with sugar; if it’s not in the house, it doesn’t become a staple…but I digress. 😉
    Your quiche looks yummy, and the asparagus looks wonderful! I love the colors and the variety of this meal. Nice job.

    • Thanks Stef. It’s true, I don’t have a very sweet tooth (savouries a more my thing) but it means we don’t put added sugar on anything. So MS doesn’t think of putting sugar on cereals or in drinks (Fresh orange juice or milk) I think, he too, would prefer a bowl of black olives to a bowl of suary treat. I think…

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