Choclat and Huni Samuitch (2’00€)

Monday 21st February 2011

This is what it was called on the menu that MS gave us.

I did a lot cooking at the weekend which must have inspired him to create this master piece for us. Like before we were told to sit on our bed before he presented us with the sandwich. He came running in with one in each hand and handed them over.

“Do we not get a plate or anything?” I asked.

He looked down at what he had in his hand and just said;

“No, it comes like this.”

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4 Responses to Choclat and Huni Samuitch (2’00€)

  1. Stef says:

    And, your critique? How did it fare? 😉

  2. roger edwards says:

    the bones get me with rabbit. too much finger food. i’ll stay with the soup

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