Banana & Honey Smoothie.

Friday 4th March 2011

I love milk. I’ve always loved milk & I always will. I don’t drink cows milk anymore but soy milk does the same job.
One of my first memories of the stuff was at primary school where we were given a little bottle of luke warm milk at break time. It wasn’t great but it had a very milky taste which I liked. As I got older MM used to get ‘gold top’ full fat milk, which my sister and I used to drink tonnes of. We used to call it ‘cold cold’ milk because it was freezing cold and straight from the fridge. It never failed to quench our thirst on a hot sunny day. When I became an adult and got all health conscious, I then switched to semi then skimmed and then later soy. After all these changes, it still remains my drink of choice, however it comes.

I made this for MS when he was recovering from being ill. He downed the glass in one go and asked for more.

Like father like son.

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2 Responses to Banana & Honey Smoothie.

  1. Stef says:

    I also adore milk – and all of it’s products (ice cream, cheese, butter….. yum). When I’m sick, milkshakes (and smoothies) are wonderful. And heck, they’re good even when I’m not sick. 😉

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    It went down so well I had to make another one for him the next day and I must say I also had a glass and it was lovely!

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