Sunday 6th March 2011

These are our previsions for a couple of days away skiing. The bananas, mandarines & chocolate will be eaten by all of us but the rest is pretty much MS’s.
These snack are brought out at every opportunity. It has become part of the thrill of going skiing. I think more than anything he gets to eat chocolate more than usual.

Here is what we had;

26 x Mandarines.
6 x Bananas.
1 Tub of Dried Cranberries.
1 Bag of Dried Apricots.
1 Bag of Cashew Nuts.
1 Bag of Brazil Nuts.
1 Packet of Fuet.
2 x Bottles of water.
3 x Cartons of milk.
3 x Cartons of Pineapple & Grape Juice.
1 Chocolate Bread Roll.
1 Cheese Spread Roll.
1 Bar of Dark Chocolate.
10 Chocolate Eggs.
1 Pack of Fruits of the Forest Biscuits.
2 x Muesli Bars.
1 x Sponge Cake.
1 x Cereal Bar.

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3 Responses to Snacks.

  1. Stef says:

    That’s quite the haul! I love the picture of the assembly; and I appreciate that on the whole, these snacks are mostly quite healthy. And everyone needs some chocolate now and again… πŸ™‚

  2. roger edwards says:

    great starter, what’s for main

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