Friday 11th March 2011

(Fried Egg & Ham On Bread.)

My mum always did the cooking in my house, my dad did the eating.
One of the running jokes amongst the family is that my dad talks about how and what his mother used to cook.
(His mum was apparently a very good cook.)

“It’s not what my mother used to make me, but I suppose it’ll have to do.” He would say, tongue firmly in cheek & with a wink of his eye.

To which my mum would reply;

“Oh, Shut up you. Get your bloody mother to do it next time.”

My dad would snigger at this comment.

That’s not to say that my mum couldn’t cook, quite the opposite, but one of the meals my mum could make, and his mother didn’t, was the uitsmijter.

If my dad came home after we had already eaten mum would make this for him.
He would have 2 slices of ‘Mother’s Pride’ white sliced bread, buttered, cover with ham and a fried egg on each slice. It looked pretty impressive with the two golden yolks staring out.

It’s a Dutch dish, usually for breakfast. MS and I had it for lunch and he made short work of it.
Much like my dad used to.

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One Response to Uitsmijter.

  1. Stef says:

    It looks really cool! I might have to try that one of these days…

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