Estofada de Lentejas.

Tuesday 15th March 2011

 (Lentil Stew with Chorizo Sausage & Black Pudding.)

As you may have worked out by now, food is a big part of my life. I talk to my wife about food. I talk to my mum & dad about food. I talk to my colleagues about food. One of the first things I ask my son after school is; “So, what did you have for lunch then Zeph?” I am aware that this is not always appropriate conversation for a 7-year-old boy. I have to make an effort to not just talk about food.

Conversation around the table doesn’t always revolve around food either. I think it would get a bit tiring if I kept asking for my son’s verdict on everything that is placed in front of him, so again I try to keep it to a minimum.

Don’t get me wrong I like him to comment on the meal, as I think this is only polite to appreciate that someone has made an effort to do something for him. Cooking can sometimes be a thankless task.

Today’s table talk went like this;

“Don’t eat with you fork Zeph, eat with your spoon. You’re not gonna get very far with that, are you?” I said. Only realising what I had said after I had said it.

He slowly looked up from the bowl, smiling.

Children have this wonderful way of doing the complete opposite of what you ask them to do.

“Oh sorry, I should have said; Use your fork Zephy. It’s much easier.”

He threw me a cheeky grin and continued eating with the fork.

“Contrary Mary you are.” I smiled.

I watched him thinking.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have…” He stopped because he had started to choke.

“That’s god getting you back, that is.” I said.

We both smiled at this.

After he had collected himself, he continued under his breath.

“Who cares if god gets me back. At least I’m still eating with my fork. Either way I win Daddy.” 😉

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3 Responses to Estofada de Lentejas.

  1. Stef says:

    Cooking *can* sometimes be a thankless task – yet you do it very well for your family. Though your son may not always realize it now, I suspect he will appreciate your efforts more and more as he grows into an adult.

    But for now, he might delight in being a bit of a contrarian… Such is the way of many kids. *sigh*

  2. janeedwards2324 says:

    I watched a food programme the other night and they interviewed Ken Hom. He attributed his good health now to his mother’s cooking and said that her healthy offerings and vigilance when it came to food and his well being stood him in good stead for later life. I’m sure Z will feel the same way when he is older.

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