Cuttlefish Stew.

Sunday 20th March 2011

Zephyrus tore into this meal. I wasn’t even sitting down and he was scooping up spoonfuls of garlic. I felt so proud.

My wife kicks off tonight’s table conversation with a little lightweight banter;

“I wonder what cuttlefish is good for.”

My son looked up from his, by now almost empty, bowl.

“Vitamins mummy. It’s probably full of vitamins.” He chipped in before heading back for another mouthful.

After dinner I thought I’d find out ‘what cuttlefish is good for’ so I could pass my wealth of knowledge onto my son.

‘Cuttlefish is high in B12, B6 & niacin…’

I read on.

‘…B12 relieves fatigue, hangovers and helps battle depression and concentration.’

So amongst other things, it’s good for when you drink too much alcohol and wake up with a headache.

I think I’ll give him that bit of info another day.

Cuttlefish Stew.


• 2 – 2 ½ kilos of cuttlefish cleaned and cut up – for 2 to 3 people (this is what my Spanish friend said, but in fact we get by with 750gms for 4.)
• LOTS of olive oil
• 1 glass of dry white wine
• ½ glass of cognac
• 1-2 laurel leaves
• Un tiny bit of grated nutmeg
• 2 medium sized, chopped onions
• a whole head of garlic (just wham it in without doing anything!)
• 1 ripe tomato

1. Cut up the cuttlefish into big chunks
2. Put all the ingredients, cold, into an earthenware casserole (the brown clay type) – without doing anything to anything.
3. Cover the casserole well and put on a slow heat for 2-2½ hours
4. When it is almost done (about 2 hours) and the cuttlefish is tender, add potato cut up into ¼ and peas ….and then you finish cooking it.

Thanks for the recipe Gill.

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7 Responses to Cuttlefish Stew.

  1. Julian Jahanpour says:

    And if you haven’t got a hang-over it’s probably even better for you. Thanks for posting the recipe. I’d love to try making it.

  2. Julian Jahanpour says:

    Looks delish!

  3. Stef says:

    So, this soup makes a person smart. You can tell Z. that. 🙂

  4. Mistral Zagni says:

    Yes, this was delish. Even though again cuttlefish in a stew is not something I usually go for. The sauce was really tasty and the cuttlefish wasn’t at all chewy. I do like to know how we are benfitting from each product. Now I know I want to eat loads more cuttlefish!

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