French Bread Pizzas.

Monday 21st March 2011

(Spinach, Goat’s cheese & Walnuts. Ham & Pineapple. Spinach, Black Olives & Capers. Bacon & Cherry Tomatoes.)

“And in first place is Hawaiian with 28 points…in second place is veg-e-ta-bles with 23 points…”

He’s reading from our score sheet.

“…in third place is goat’s cheese with 25 points and in fourth place is bacon and Tom with 21 points.” He concluded.

“I knew you would give 10 Mummy.”

“Why?” Enquired my wife.

“Because you always give 10 points to everything.” He said accusingly.

“Well, I’m a generous lady.”

Hear, hear!

This was supposed to be a quick dinner. It ended up taking longer than I thought, about an hour in all.
I de-skinned and cored 2 tomatoes before blitzing them together with a handful of coriander, salt, pepper and a little olive oil. The coriander gave it a little peppery kick-Nice.

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4 Responses to French Bread Pizzas.

  1. Stef says:

    I have some goat cheese leftover from my frittatas from yesterday – what did you add to the goat cheese pizza in addition to the cheese?

    Lovely that your wife is so generous with her points; I call that “appreciative”. 🙂

  2. roger edwards says:

    im not a pizza man but i could eat all of those maybe because its on bread rather than pastry!

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