Mushrooms On Toast with Roquefort Sauce & Alfalfa Beans.

Wednesday 23th March 2011

In my youth I spent 6 months working full-time at a whole food restaurant in Norwich, England.
The restaurant was in an old converted church that we shared with an art house cinema. It had the original wooden interior and stained glass windows and a tiny little patio on the side.
It was a beautiful place to work. I used to have black coffee every morning from a shallow bowl (French style). Sitting in the patio with the sun shining down on me, I felt so European.
There were 4 cooks of which I was one. The owner, Marion, was French and a very good cook. I exaggerated the truth about being able to cook and as she was so desperate for someone to help out in the kitchen, she gave me a chance. I started that same day as a kitchen hand but was quickly promoted due to staff shortages.
On my first day I was asked to make a carrot cake.

“Can you make a carrot cake please?”

“Yeah, sure.” I had never made a carrot cake in my life.

“How do you make your carrot cake?” I bluffed.

“There’s a folder up there, have a look in there.” I was told.

That ring binder saved my bacon more than a few times.

The menu was small but local and above all wholesome. This was a dish I made at least 20 times a day.



200ml Cream.
200g Roquefort cheese.
Olive oil.

Put the toast on & the mushrooms in a pan with a little butter, olive oil, salt & pepper. Mix the cream with the cheese and bring to a simmer. Once the cheese has melted into the cream, allow to cool. Butter the toast, pile on the mushrooms & finally, generously spoon on the sauce.
Hey presto!

The alfalfa is optional. 😉

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2 Responses to Mushrooms On Toast with Roquefort Sauce & Alfalfa Beans.

  1. Stef says:

    Confidence is a wonderful thing. Resourcefulness is equally helpful. 🙂

  2. Stef says:

    P.S. And coffee in a shallow bowl…who knew?

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