Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Friday 25th March 2011

Mornings are not a great time for any of us in my family. And so the walk to school can be done in relative silence or my wife and I can be talked at for the 20 minute journey about my son’s latest obsession, football. But today was different, as we were walking to school this morning, the topic of the moment was ‘the food in the school dinning room’.

“Yeah, if it’s lentils they (The other children) eat really slowly.” He was informing us.
“Why’s that, are they not very nice?” We enquired.
“No, the lentils have a good taste…” He continued, as if he was a food critic. “…but the sauce is disgusting.”
“But you like lentils, don’t you?”
“Yeah, but they’re not like yours Daddy.” He flattered.
This is not the first time he has said this about my lentils and yet on many occasions he has struggled with those very same lentils he professes to like so much. But all the same, I gratefully accept the compliment. Get them where you can , right.
“How about soup, how do they get on with that?” I ask as we turn the corner heading into the home stretch.
He looked at me with disdain.

“They don’t Daddy. They don’t give us that anymore.” Came the reply, as if I had just brought something into the house on the bottom of my shoe.


2x Onions
1x Potatoes
1 Liter Chicken Stock
200ml Cream
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Brown the mushrooms in a little butter and olive oil. The olive oil stops the butter from burning. Sauté the onions, season, cube the potato and add both to the mushrooms with the stock. Simmer until the potato is soft then blitz until smooth. Add the cream and warm through.

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2 Responses to Cream of Mushroom Soup.

  1. Stef says:

    I don’t blame the school for not giving the kids soup – can you imagine how pokey they would be?

    Your soup looks tasty; and the bread looks fabulous! Recipes?

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    This was a beautiful soup full of lovely creamy mushroom flavour. My favourite…I wish it didn’t have to come to an end. Thankfully there were left-overs for lunch for me the next day!

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