Saturday 26th March 2011


We put this together this morning, my son and I. I made spaghetti Bolognese last week and froze the left over sauce.

It was 9.15am and I was just preparing everything to put it together when he popped his head around the corner.

“Can I watch tele please?”

He had already asked this but 10 minutes before.

“Not yet…” Came my stock reply.”…Can you put that in the bottom of there please?” I handed him the sheets of brittle pasta.

I was hoping that the building aspect of making a lasagne might appeal to him, and it did.

“Cool, now put about 8 spoonfuls of Bolognese on top.”

“Like that?”

He asked needing confirmation that he was doing it exactly right. Unfortunately, he has inherited some of my OCD. Fortunately, my wife is the perfect yin to my yang and provides just enough chaos for him to be able to throw him clothes on his bedroom floor.

“Yeah, that’s good. Just blob it on.” I say feeling guilty. “Now put little bits of the cheese around but not too much. We’ve only got what’s there so don’t use it all on this layer.”

“How many layers are there?”

“3…and then the top.”

Over the next 15 minutes he worked steadily putting each layer together. Pasta, Bolognese, cottage cheese,grated cheese, pasta, Bolognese, cottage cheese, grated cheese and on.

“Look at that, you did that.” I said marvelling at the beautiful master piece in front of us.

“Yeah. Can I watch tele now?”

After 30 minutes in the oven, I took it into the tele room to show him how well it had come out.

He looked at the lasagne and licked his lips.

“Can I have a bit now?”

Lasagne would be a pretty good breakfast I suppose. Especially when it’s fresh out of the oven.



The lasagne sauce is made the same as anyone else’s; minced beef, mushrooms, garlic, onions, red pepper, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree. Not forgetting a splash of red wine and a bouquet garnet.

What’s different about mine is, instead of using a bechamel sauce between layers I use a mix of cottage cheese, fresh cheese and grated cheeder cheese. It makes it slightly drier but much tastier. As I have said before, it’s actually my mother-in-law’s recipe and she doesn’t want anybody else to know, so don’t tell anyone, ok

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2 Responses to Lasagne.

  1. Stef says:

    Your lasagna looks beautiful! Z is a handy chef. 🙂

    My mom makes her lasagna the same way – no bechamel, but cottage cheese and grated cheeses instead. But I won’t tell your MIL. 😉

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