Bananas & Custard.

Friday 1st April 2011

This was a family effort. My son & I made the bananas and my wife made the custard.

We usually have fruit for dessert. My son might have a yoghurt aswell but rarely do we have sweet desserts. More than anything because I cook and I’m not fussed about desserts. I would almost rather have something savoury for dessert, like cheese & biscuits.

I first made this recipe because we had some bananas that were too brown for anyone to eat and I can never bring myself to throw anything away so I found a use for them. It’s now become a mainstay. As I have said in a previous post, my son can now make this single-handedly.

The custard is something that my wife has been talking about forever. The story goes, that her grandma used to make something called cup custard for her as a child. She describes it as a very thin custard served in a mug. She would sit with grandma and drink it while watching the rugby together on grandma’s potable tv. She has such fond memories of it that she wants to pass this tradition onto our son.

She couldn’t resist making some to accompany our bananas in brandy & vanilla.

When I got back from work tonight Zephy was in bed. As I was saying good night I thought I’d get his view on custard so I could round off this entry nicely.

“I like it a lot…(pause)…it’s good.” He said.

So now we know.



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4 Responses to Bananas & Custard.

  1. Stef says:

    I have a sweet dessert every single day, for lunch and for dinner. I adore them. Some days, they are the reason I eat “real food” at all. šŸ˜‰

    And I also can’t bear to throw anything away. When bananas are past their prime, I either make banana bread, or freeze them and eat them as a dessert (covered in chocolate) or in yogurt for breakfast.

    What is the recipe for the thin cream? I saw the recipes for the bananas, but not for the cream…. it looks terrific; I’d love to try it!

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    This is always a great end to a lovely meal and Zephy is always so pleased with himself for making it. We done to both of you. Yes I do want to pass on the custard tradition but every time I think of having it at night it seems too heavy after such a wonderful dinner!

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