Asparagus Risotto.

Monday 4th April 2011

“When you were a baby…well, not a baby, but when you were little, Daddy used to make this for you all the time. We had it so much I think you went off it.” Announced my wife at the dinner table.

It’s true, he used to love it and suddenly one day he could eat it no more. The same thing happened to bananas, dried pineapple, kiwis and natural yoghurt but in time he came back to them all. I figured today was the day to bring back risotto.

“Really?…” He said, almost not believing us. “How do you make it Daddy?”

“Well, you have to cut up an onion very small and fry it up in a pan with some butter and a little bit of white wine to make it go soft. Put the rice in with the onion and mix it together…then add the stock and when it soaks into the rice add a bit more until the rice goes softish. You need to stir it all the time so it doesn’t burn. When the rice is soft, put in a big handful of parmesan and the chopped up asparagus, a little bit a cream and mix it all together.” I informed.

I had actually lost his interest by the time I had got to the onion bit, but still it was nice that he showed enough interest to ask in the first place.

It’s hard to say if he liked it or not because he was showing off at the table because grandma is here and eating dinner was not high on his list of priorities but he with a bit of nudging he managed to finish his plate.

I think maybe I won’t leave it another 5 years before I make it again.


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2 Responses to Asparagus Risotto.

  1. Stef says:

    I go on food “kicks” too, where I’ll eat something nearly every day for MONTHS – and then not touch it again for half-a-year. Your risotto looks beautiful – what a lovely meal. Glad to read your son was able to eat it amid his entertaining his grandma. 😉

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