Sautéed Vegetables.

Friday 8th April 2011

Once upon a time I used to be a vegetarian. I didn’t eat meat for 10 years until I moved to Spain and found spit roasted chickens and then my vegetarian days were numbered. Within weeks I was eating every bit of meat that came my way.

As a vegetarian I ate very poorly. Choosing to eat a lot of frozen, processed ready-made meals but what I did learn was that I liked vegetables. This revelation has served me well not only for my health but it has also given me the right attitude to pass onto my son.

My feeling is that the character of a child is shaped by their environment. Children do not intrinsically dislike vegetables from birth. Without (and sometimes with) us knowing, they watch and learn by us turning our noses up at vegetables or saying; “you won’t like that” or just by not eating them ourselves. Although our tastes could change as we got older, from my experience it’s much harder.

Having said that, I’m fully aware that you do what you can to get your kid to eat. There are things that I said I would never do if I had children, that I did. Feeding my son while he walked around, in the hope that he would eat a bit more, being one.

It hasn’t always been easy to get him to eat veg but my wife and I persevered and as a result, sometimes, he would rather finish the veg on his plate before anything else.



Potatoes, Green Cauliflower, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Onion, Fresh Tomato & Basil.

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2 Responses to Sautéed Vegetables.

  1. Stef says:

    I love your tag of “food training” – funny and accurate at the same time.

    I had no idea you were a vegetarian for 10 years – wow! I’ve been meat (and fish/seafood/live animal)-free since August 2009, and was a ‘light carnivore’ for a few years before that. (I.e., ate meat as a side rather than an entree, and ate meat a few times a week, not daily.)

    As for the nature/nurture debate – interesting. I was raised in a pretty unhealthy environment; but when I went off to college, I found a healthy way to eat (and live); and didn’t ever turn back. In fact, sometimes I can swing the pendulum too far the other way, trying to remain vigilant into not falling back into the ways of my childhood and youth. But since I’m now nearly 18 years on my own, I think I’ve established a pretty good health routine. 😉

  2. My turning point came when I started cooking for 2. I became much more conciencious when I started feeding someone else & even more so when we became pregnant. There seemed to be a reason to eat well then.

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