Tartiflette, Roast Chicken & Cold Green Beans.

Sunday 10th April 2011
My wife loves potatoes. In fact her whole family do. We have joked in the past about, one day, going to a restaurant and ordering every kind of potato on the menu. (I once read that Barbra Streisand did the same thing.) But we’ve never been anywhere with a big enough selection of potatoes to try it out.
As we had two generations of potato fanatics at the dinner table I decided to find out more about this fetish.
“So would you like a plate of new potatoes, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes…”
She is already shaking her head, but I persevered because I’m childish like that.
“…chips and…and…and…”
“Saute potatoes.” Zephy chips in . (Excuse the pun.)
“No…” She said. “Every potato has its time and place.”
Zephy though for a bit about this comment and said;
“So would you eat potato ice cream then.”
I didn’t see that one coming.
My friend Gill gave me this recipe in French and so as I don’t speak French I asked my other friend, Mr Google, to translate it for me. I could go through and put it into real English but I thought it was quite amusing to read in its original form. I think you can work out more or less what it says.
In my version I replaced the reblochon cheese with a camembert. It had the same effect but I’m told that reblochon is the best.
• 1,2 kg of potatoes with firm flesh
• 200 gr. of plugs*
• 1 onion
• 1 reblochon farm
• 2 spoons with soup of cream fraiche
• 1 bottle d’ Apremont (white wine of Savoy)
1 To prepare all the ingredients.
2 To peel potatoes. To cook potatoes with l’ English.
3 With boiling, to supervise cooking by pricking the point d’ a knife in a potato. Lorsqu’ they will be cooked, the blade of knife will have to be planted without resistance.
4 At the end of cooking, to drain and let warm. (not to refresh!!!)
5 Émincer l’ onion and to make it sweat with the frying pan with a little d’ oil.
6 To add the smoked plugs and to let sweat a few minutes more.
7 To largely butter a dish with gratin.
8 To cut in large plates half of potatoes and to put them at the bottom of the dish with gratin.
9 To add half of the plugs and cooked onions.
10 To add the potato remainder cut in plates and the remainder of plugs and d’ cooked onions. To spread out the cream fraiche over the top.
11 To cut out the reblochon into two in the direction of l’ thickness and to deposit it on your potatoes (optional: to add dry white wine glass).
12 To charge with very hot furnace (220-250°C)…
13 Jusqu’ so that the reblochon founds and gratine on the surface.
To taste as long as c’ is hot!
*Bacon 😉
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4 Responses to Tartiflette, Roast Chicken & Cold Green Beans.

  1. Stef says:

    This recipe reads like the love child of Shakespeare and Napoleon. Hilarious!

    So, in “real” English – what the heck did you make this day?

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