Scrambled Eggs & Bacon on Toast.

Sunday 1st May 2011

It’s Mother’s Day here so we all went out for lunch but as is now becoming the norm, Zephy made this for mummy’s breakfast.

We are suckers for celebrations in our house. We’d celebrate the rising of the sun if we were up in time. My wife and I get to celebrate mother’s day & father’s day twice a year. Both the UK and the Spanish days work for us.

It goes like this; Firstly, the respective gender gets the lie-in. They are then woken with a tray with a vase of flowers, a cup of tea/coffee and a hand-made card. As we missed Sant Jordi (Catalan Valentine’s day.) last weekend, we decided to incorporate that too and so we had a book on the tray too. (You give a book to a man and a rose to a woman for St.Jordi-we give both so as not to be sexist.)

Then Zeph and the respective parent adjourn to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Zephy did the eggs, I did the bacon. Once done we all congregate on our bed to eat. It’s a family affair.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Zephy’s is the one without the eggs.


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4 Responses to Scrambled Eggs & Bacon on Toast.

  1. Stef says:

    Celebrations are fun – and it sounds like your household has them down to a science. 🙂 Nice work. 😉

  2. roger edwards says:


  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    Thanks for a lovely mother’s day. Having breakfast in bed made by both son and hubby is a real treat. And you even make a great scrambled egg and bacon!

  4. rutheh says:

    That bacon looks divine!

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