Raisin & Hazelnut Flapjacks.

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Not only did Zeph & I make a Paella at the weekend, we also had time to make these too for our afternoon snack.

Zephy had his first sleep-over at his best friend’s house on Saturday night. Luckily his best friend lives 4 floors above us. Luckier still his best friend’s parents are our best friends. So to ease us, more than him into the experience we went up with him for dinner.

“Do you wanna take some flapjacks up with you, so you can have a midnight feast?” I asked.

I’d spoken to him before about me and my sisters having midnight feasts when we were kids but has forgotten to mention that we almost never had them at midnight. Hunger usually got the better of us.

And so with his Tupperware box of flapjacks and a portable transistor radio we all walked the 147 steps to the fourth floor.

It was a late night for the boys but we eventually got them into bed listening to the Madrid Vs Sevilla football match on the radio. It was quite a sight seeing 3 little boys in pyjamas all huddled round a tiny radio listening to the football commentary.

So 1950s.

About twenty to twelve I walked past their bedroom. The lights were out but I heard Zephy whisper;

“What time is it Theo?”

I smiled to myself and walked on.

“Did you have your midnight feast?” I quizzed him the next day.

“Yeah.” He replied uninterestedly.

“I forgot to tell you, you don’t need to wait until midnight to eat it. Did you wait?”

“Yeah…?” He replied more interestedly.

Real Madrid won 6-2.



6oz Butter, 6oz Brown Sugar, 2 Tbsp Golden Syrup/Molasses, 8oz Porridge Oats, Raisin/Hazelnuts/Dried Apricots to taste.

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup then mix with the rest of the ingredients. Spoon the mixture into a baking tray and bake for 25 mins or until the oats turn brown at 160 ºC.

Cut the flapjacks into squares while still warm and leave in tin to cool.

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2 Responses to Raisin & Hazelnut Flapjacks.

  1. Stef says:

    What a very cute post! I can just imagine the boys hunkered around a little radio, eagerly waiting for midnight to arrive so they can munch on treats… so cute! 🙂

    Recipe for the flapjacks?

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    I was very sad these went in the freezer. They were so good I could have eaten the lot in one night! Please make more of these!

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