Friday 13th May 2011

The dinning room table is one of four place where food can be served in our house and is by far the most popular choice if my wife & I are making the decisions.

Another would be in front of the tv which is reserved for special events like football matches or film night. The only trouble with eating in front of the tv is that my wife and I spend most of our time saying;

“A bit more please Zephy.”

As he stares mouth open at the screen while his dinner slowly loses its heat.

Breakfast in bed is served on birthdays, mother’s/father’s day and any other excuse we can find to celebrate and eat breakfast on a Sunday morning in bed.

Finally, there is the fold out breakfast-bar-style table in my tiny kitchen. This is where my son, Zephyrus, eats his cereal during the week and sometimes on a Sunday night if we are up against time to get him feed, bathed & in bed with enough time to read books.

I made the Uitsmijter for one such night.

On these occasion he sits up and eats alone while, either my wife or I, do chores in the kitchen.

I like eating there, conversation can be more personal. It’s Cosy & intimate.

As Zephy was eating, conversation turned to evolution…as it does 😉

“Daddy, who was the first man in the world?”

“Well, that depends on what you think. Some people think that god made Adam & Eve so they would have been the first and other people think that apes evolved or changed into people. Why have you been studying it at school?”

He considered the information that I had just given him and then said;

“Yeah but, who was the first man in the world?”

Apparently, Uitsmijter means bouncer in Dutch.


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3 Responses to Uitsmijter.

  1. Stef says:

    You do lovely things with eggs; this blog has shown me that I need to expand my egg repertoire.

    Eating in front of the TV can be tough (though my husband and I can manage; and we, too, reserve this only for special occasions – i.e., football Sundays in the fall/winter); and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever had a meal in bed. I actually don’t think I would like it very much…. but that’s 100% specualation on my part, as I’ve never actually tried it. Perhaps I should put this on my 2012 list…

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