Cuban Rice.

Saturday 21st May 2011

In 2002 my wife & I went to Indonesia. As we travelled around the island we saw local people harvesting rice fields. They were hurling huge bunches of rice stems over their head and beating them on logs to dislodge the little grains of rice. The rice was caught in large sheets of plastic spread out on the ground which would later be gathered up and transferred into wicker baskets. All of this was done in scorching temperatures, up to the ankles in mud & water & surrounded by mosquitos. The whole process looked like back breaking work for such little reward. I can only imagine both the workers and the owners of the paddy fields were being paid pennies for all their effort.

I made a decision there and then to never leave a grain of rice on my plate again. Wherever my rice had come from , somebody had made a lot of effort to get it for me.

This is a typical Spanish dish. A perfectly balanced meal; carbs (Rice), protein (Egg) & veg (Tomato salsa).


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2 Responses to Cuban Rice.

  1. Stef says:

    It’s amazing how hard people work for the food we mindlessly buy at the store. I, too, do my very best to take only the amount of food I want to eat – and to then eat it all. I also do my best to never let food spoil in the fridge, and to eat all of the servings of recipes I make (unless it is just truly, truly awful).

    I appreciate your compassionate heart.

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