Salmon & Asparagus Pasta Bake.

Wednesday 1st June 2011

As I have mentioned before, my Dad isn’t a big fan of pasta. I think he would find the plate itself, more worthwhile eating than the pasta. But he does what all guests should, which is to eat whatever is put in front of them. That’s within reason of course, I wouldn’t serve meat to a vegetarian nor would I expect a guest to eat anything they really have an aversion to. So baring all this in mind, when I served up this meal I gave him a modest portion.

When I cook the evening meal, I always make more than we will eat in one sitting so either my wife, or I , can take it for lunch the next day. Today was no different, luckily. As Dad went in for a second portion and Zephy chowed down on his like we was in an extreme eating contest.

‘Hunger is a great motivator’, someone once told me. 😉

After Zephyrus had cleared the last flake of salmon from his plate, Dad asked him what is verdict was.

“9/10…” He said. “…at the moment.”

“Why at the moment?” I asked.

To which he produced a clear piece of plastic from his mouth and said;

“Cos’ I found this in it.”

It was a piece from the lid of my food processor that had broken off whilst I was making the bread crumbs to put on top of the pasta.

“Thanks…” I said. “…I’ve been looking for that.”


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