Sunday 5th June 2011

Mum & Dad have been coming to Spain since 1967. When they first came they used to bring tinned food with them but after time they slowly started to eat the local dishes. They always rented the same apartment every year. There was, and still is, a restaurant called ‘Los Vikingos’ opposite the apartment were we stay. It’s been refurbished since we first when and unfortunately it’s lost the charm it used to have but it still brings back fond memories every time I see it. That, they say, was the place where they, & so it turns out I, tried our very first paella.

In the last 60s they bought a paella pan and piled it, along with everything else, into a British racing green Triumph, and drive the 1000 miles home. They christened the pan on the trip home by cooking fried eggs & potatoes at the road side.

They still have the pan in the top cupboard in Mums kitchen. It’s probably a bit rusty now but “nothing a bit of elbow grease couldn’t get rid of.” Mum said.

“Mind you…” Dad said. “…we must have known we were going to have a big family ‘cos we bought one big enough for about 12 people.”


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3 Responses to Paella.

  1. Mistral Zagni says:

    Yet another yummy Paella. I had gone off Paella in the last few years but I must say your paellas have got me back into them. Wonderful.

  2. Stef says:

    How is a paella pan different from a big wok?

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