Stuffed Lambs Hearts, Mashed Sweet Potato, Roasted Carrots & Cauliflower.

Wednesday 8th June 2011

Mum used to make these for Dad when they first got married but as with most things, children came along and everything changed including the food Mum cooked. Up until a few years ago they were just a distant memory of another life for my Dad until I asked Mum to make them for me. From then on it became a regular meal for Mum to make every time she came over. This time however I asked her to teach me how to make them.

The process was far more high maintenance than I realised and slightly more gruesome too. So turn away now if you are at all squeamish.

My first realisation was that it really looked like a heart as it lay on the chopping board, raw. Not a piece of meat but a heart. Weird but true. It had quite thick tubes going into the centre of the heart which we needed to cut out before stuffing. This wasn’t an easy task and I soon found myself up to the wrist in congealed blood & ventricles. I felt like I had glimpsed the dark side of eating meat and briefly wondered why I was going to such lengths to learn a recipe that had probably peaked in popularity in the mid-fifties. I pushed on and eventually found myself with 5 presentable looking pieces of meat ready to be stuffed.

The stuffing consisted of 1 onion finely diced, bread crumbs & some dried sage from Mum’s garden. Stuff the cavity of each heart and secure with cocktail sticks. Place in a cast iron pot with a little stock to keep them from burning. Replace the lid & cook for 1 hour.

Mum & I had a good laugh doing it together. Mum as the teacher, perched on the little stool & me the student, eagerly awaiting instruction. Now the recipe is mine.

For now Zephy was content to just eat them but one day I will be sitting on that stool and he will be up to his elbows in blood & guts.


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3 Responses to Stuffed Lambs Hearts, Mashed Sweet Potato, Roasted Carrots & Cauliflower.

  1. Stef says:

    I think all of the veg in your photo look lovely! And this post was a nice confirmation for me as to why I’m currently vegetarian. 😉

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