Mid-Week Fry Up.

Thursday 9th June 2011

We were running late so I thought I’d wipe up a quick fry up. To do this for one person would have taken 10 minutes from start to finish but my ‘quick fry up’ took me an hour! Trying to keep 5 plates spinning at the same time (Metaphorically speaking of course.) takes some doing.

Tomatoes go in the oven first. I cut a cross in the halved tomatoes then salt, pepper, olive oil & a squirt of honey.

Sausages next. Low heat, keep turning them.

Then mushrooms are washed and thrown into a pot with butter, olive oil, salt n’ pepper. High heat for a few minutes then a slow simmer to soften them up.

The bacon takes ages. I get quite a thin bacon which burns easily so I’ve got to watch it carefully. Also, my frying pan can only take about 4 rashers at a time so to do 20 rashers takes 5 rounds. Time consuming!

And finally the eggs, which need to be hot and not slimy. Keeping it all warm and on time takes some juggling.

I think next time, if I’m looking for a quick meal, I’ll make popcorn. 😉


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One Response to Mid-Week Fry Up.

  1. Stef says:

    I definitely think popcorn would be easier. 😉 My recipe for this week (to be posted on Sunday) will be kale chips – another nice option!


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