Pâte on Tomato Bread.

Sunday 12th June 2011

I’ve been a bit slack on photographing the snacks I make for my son, Zephy. Instead choosing to focus on the lunches and dinners. But of course, in between the former and the latter I make a myriad of treats.

This was his afternoon snack. He has a sandwich, or something carbohydrate based, at about 4.30pm everyday. Followed by a piece of fruit and a sweet treat; biscuit, sweets or piece of chocolate. This tends to see him through until 8.00pm when we have dinner.

The pâte here in France is a must. It’s corse, meaty and very rich. Exactly what a pâte should be in my opinion. The tomato bread is a Catalan ‘speciality’. And I say ‘speciality’ as they regard it very highly as something only the Catalans make. The bread is drizzled with olive oil then sprinkled with a little salt before rubbing a halved, ripe tomato onto the surface of the bread. It is very tasty but hardly what I would call a ‘speciality’. 😉

We ate our afternoon snack sitting in a field full of dandelions during half-time of a game of football between Mummy & Daddy against Zephy.

Guess who won?


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2 Responses to Pâte on Tomato Bread.

  1. Stef says:

    The tomato bread looks interesting… but I would agree, hardly a ‘specialty’.

  2. roger edwards says:

    the pate looks very course. for me the courser the better
    as there are no prizes for guessing,i wont. tee hee hee

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