Entrecôte, Baby New Potatoes, Asparagus & Coleslaw.

Tuesday 14th June 2011

One of the best steaks I’ve ever had #2…

On the 7th September 1998, my wife & I got married at The Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a non-religious ceremony presided over by Rev. Raymond Cobb. After the ceremony we asked the limo driver where we could get a good steak in Vegas.

“If you want good steak in this town you gotta go to Binion’s on Fremont.” He told us.

Later that night we did go to Binion’s steakhouse where my newly wedded wife & I shared a T-bone steak, jacket potato and a side of coleslaw. We still laugh about the fact that we shared a meal at our own wedding reception.

Start as you mean to go on, that’s what I say.


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4 Responses to Entrecôte, Baby New Potatoes, Asparagus & Coleslaw.

  1. Stef says:

    Did you intend to get married in Vegas, or was it a more ‘impromptu’ kind of thing?

    My sister got married at the Bellagio. We were all there (& in the wedding). It was lovely.

    • Yeah, we went to The States to get married. We did a road trip from Seatle down the west coast to San diego and, of course, Tijuana. Then across the desert to Las Vegas before continuing on to the grand canyon for a quick look. It was a fun day that culminated in a roller coaster ride on top of the stratosphere hotel.

      The Bellagio looks fabulous. It wasn’t built when we were there. Lucky her. 🙂

  2. roger edwards says:

    the whole of the plate looks fantastico. well done” that my son”!!

  3. rivierahotel says:

    Indeed a nice post. I also belong to Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, I like to read your such a good post, Thanks for writing this post

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