Sunday Roast.

Sunday 19th June 2011

“Whoa…” I said getting up from the dinner table to check the thermometer. “…there is nothing like a hot roast dinner on a Sunday afternoon.”

It was 25°C in the shade. Not boiling but a little hot to be eating a steaming hot roast dinner in flat with air conditioning.

There was a reason for this. Apart from the fact that my quest to run down my tiny 13×16 inch freezer box continues, today is father’s day. I was awoken with our traditional celebratory tray of scrabbled eggs & bacon and so I thought I’d make a bit of an effort with lunch as opposed to the normal thoughtless slop I serve up. 😉

To be honest, this was a collaboration between Mum & I. When she was over the week before last she made a beautiful, and incredibly expensive, roast beef dinner. The joint was so big there was enough for another meal. I faithfully frozen the leftovers alone with the Yorkshire puddings for a day such as this.

The carrots I roasted in a tin foil bag with rosemary, thyme, salt ‘n pepper, garlic, olive oil & a splash of white wine.

When I cooked the duck breast, I saved the fat and so roasted the potatoes in the beautiful tasting lard. Delicious.

Happy father’s day Dad. I love you.


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5 Responses to Sunday Roast.

  1. Stef says:

    1) You have to make dinner, even on Father’s Day? I’m not sure I like that…
    2) “Thoughless slop” – whatever. 😉
    3) Your carrots look fantastic. YUM!

  2. roger edwards says:

    that beef looks just as nice as the week before and the spuds
    i love you too son

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    The potatoes were very fluffy and crispy…just perfect. The duck fat made them even more yummy. Thanks.

  4. Mistral Zagni says:

    P.S: Happy Fathers Day. Sorry I didn’t make dinner… year I’ll make you one of my specialities like jacket potatoes!!!

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