Sautéed Potato, Scollop & Black Pudding.

Saturday 25th June 2011

Back in France for the weekend. Apologies for the dark photo. It was very cloudy and windy & I was having trouble keeping my towers from toppling over. But we were determined to eat out, whatever the weather. This is good as it got.

Gingham in quintessentially French. Of course, not only French restaurants use it but wherever I see it I consider it a mark of home cooking. Albeit, not always good home cooking but home cooking all the same.
In fact, my favourite restaurant in the whole world uses it, coincidentally 😉 . It’s called ‘Le Cafe Des Federations’ in Lyon, France. They have old wooden booths, gingham table cloths, wooden floor boards & mix & match school room chairs. The kind of place that I’m sure in the past had sawdust on the floor but for health & safety reason has had to be removed.
The two times I’ve been the 15 or so tables have been fully book. The universal sign of a good restaurant. Waitresses reads you the menu from a pad and everybody gets a non-negotiable starter. We had a green lentil salad with a platter of home-made cold sausages with gherkins.
They specialise in pork & nose-to-tail cooking. Therefore a large portion of the menu is devoted to slightly more ambitious dishes like; liver pâte, pig’s trotters, kidneys in various sauces & roasted pork belly, as well as other more palatable delights like; pork chops, stuffed pork loin and different kinds of sausages.

I have a penchant for offal, as I think I may have mentioned before 😉 , and so I went for the poached pig’s face with cold new potatoes and a caper & dijon mustard sauce.

Zephy has taken quite a liking to scallops. As we were perusing the huge fish counter he asked if I’d make these again. I fried the orange brainy bits in a little butter and we had them on French bread as a starter.


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2 Responses to Sautéed Potato, Scollop & Black Pudding.

  1. roger edwards says:

    souds like t beautiful retaurant

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    Scallops are a real treat to get at home. Thanks.

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