Baked Apples.

Friday 8th July 2011

Scrumping has a very different definition in the dictionary. It was not what we did as kids!

I was brought up in the suburbs of a new town which was a stones throw away from London. They called it the ‘East End overspill’ because the East End of London had spread so much that people were moving 25 minutes down the road to the new town of Basildon. Mum & Dad lived, and still live, about 5 miles out of the centre of town. 46 years ago when they first moved there a lot of it was fields, woods & open land. Today, everything that can be built on, has been.
Such is life, I guess.

When I was kid, me, Dad & my two big sisters used to walk to the end of the road, where the woods were, in search of fruit trees. It was mainly apples, but sometimes we got pears or plums. It was all on open land so in theory we weren’t strictly scrumping, and so not doing anything illegal but Dad used to call it that and at the time we weren’t old enough or sharp enough to get pedantic. Obviously we would eat our loot as we went along but we still had a hefty load to take home for Mum. I’ve no idea what she did with it all but I do remember baked apples being a family favourite.

Dad has many fruit trees in his own garden now; peach, plum, apple, cherry, fig, grapes & a pear tree without the partridge so we get the pick of the crop, that is if the birds don’t get to it first.


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5 Responses to Baked Apples.

  1. Stef says:

    So your dad was a deviant, eh? 😉
    I’ve never had a baked apple…I know they’re simple enough to make, I’ve just never made them. What did Z think?

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    These were lovely and sticky baked apples with a lovely bit of sweet sauce. A good little dessert.

  3. roger edwards says:


  4. rutheh says:

    My sister bakes apples with some red wine and it is very nice.
    Another time she baked the apples with some balsamic.
    I like a baked apple everyway!

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