Stewed Black Plums, Curd Cheese, Broken Biscuit, Walnuts & Honey.

Sunday 10th July 2011

When I was 6 or 7, a new family moved in, about 5 doors away. She was a single mum with her 5 sons. Tough going for anyone. The boys ranged from 18 months to 13 years old.

Our first encounter with the boys was when, as we were walking past, we noticed that the 18 month old, William, was trying to hack-saw the wheel off of his tricycle. He didn’t quite make it all the way through but he had a good go.

To cut a long short short, we hit it off and eventually the second youngest, JD, moved in with us for few years, as things were difficult for his mum.

The 3 youngest boys, William, Charles & JD would often join our family on day trips. Those were the halcyon days of being able to put 6 kids in the back of a car without a single seat belt between them. On this one particular trip Dad took us all fruit picking. Plum picking to be precise. We all gorged ourselves on the plums but some more than others. Charles over-indulged a little too much and unfortunately on the journey home he had a very…big…accident.

A 3 year old Charles was mortified, whereas we couldn’t get out of the car quick enough to get away from the stench. We can, & do, laugh about it now but at the time all I could think was; “I don’t think I’ll ever eat plums again.”

I have eaten them again but the moral of the story is this. Don’t eat too many. 😉

With this I will conclude my week of fruit desserts. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


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5 Responses to Stewed Black Plums, Curd Cheese, Broken Biscuit, Walnuts & Honey.

  1. Stef says:

    Wow, 5 kids and a single mom – I can’t even begin to imagine.

    I remember one summer I ate too many cherries in one sitting – they were just so good… Fortunately I was at home, so no accidents. But I can empathize with the 3-year-old. Poor kiddo…

    I *have* enjoyed the week of fruit desserts! I’m really impressed that you have been sharing your meals with us for over half a year now – outstanding!

  2. Okay, that’s a little creepy, our similar posts. I guess you’re right, “two minds…”, but after that story I don’t think I’ll eat them for a while, myself, and I wasn’t even there to witness “the accident”.

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