Cuttlefish Stew.

Cuttlefish Stew.

Thursday 14th July 2011

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while and was gently nudged into pulling my finger out and getting on with it by a comment left on yesterday’s blog entry.

Thanks for reminding me Ruth. 😉

The building where I live has a plaque on the front that states that it was built in 1912. My kitchen however was renovated in 1932 so is quite modern by comparison. 😉

It measures 2×2½ m2. (I actually got on my hands a knees and measured it.) I have two work surfaces. One of wood, like a fold out breakfast bar. This is where most of the work gets done. It’s also where Zephy has his breakfast every morning & where I take the photo for my blog entries. The other is the terracotta tiled surface you can see in the photo which is use during cooking time as a general dumping ground for anything that gets in my way.

We have a marble carved sink in which we put a plastic washing up bowl. It saves too many glasses getting broken. It probably looks a bit old and cranky but we love it. It adds character to what could be quite a dull looking space.

It’s a gas oven. We bought it about 8 years ago. The only problem is that it has one setting-220°C! But then I think everybody has a way of managing their own oven, in the same way as one would manage their own filing system. It’s personal & complex.

There is a larder to the right of the cooker where the dried foods are kept & a set of shelves behind the door for jars of flour, rice & anything else I can fit in a jar.

So this my kitchen. Compact & bijou. 🙂


I made the stew a few weeks ago and froze the leftover. It feels good to get some of my Tupperware back.

Zephy ate it with the same gusto as its debut but this time round he decided to leave the onions and eat the garlic skin instead. I hope it’s not the beginnings of a food fad. 😉


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4 Responses to Cuttlefish Stew.

  1. Stef says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you have a tight work space! I think your idea of putting a plastic bowl in the marble sink is genius. I mean really, a marble sink in a kitchen??

    I feel like I have an even better sense of how your meals go now; thanks Jonathan! 🙂

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