Raw Jelly Cubes.

Wednesday 20th July 2011

My Nan died just over a year ago. She was 97 years old which using her own expression was a pretty ‘good innings’.

We didn’t sleep over at Nan & Grandad’s very often, when we were kids, so when we did it made it all the more exciting. Firstly, because we slept in a big double bed. And I say big because as a 5 year old boy coming from a tiny bunk-bed, a double bed was like sleeping on a football pitch, size-wise I mean. (There was no grass nor were there white chalk line to mark the edges. πŸ˜‰ )

I remember the raw jelly cubes would be produced at bedtime. As we climbed into bed, Nan would set down the flowery saucer, full of ruby-red gems, on top of the pale pink, satin quilted eiderdown. It felt like we were Hollywood movie stars.

They don’t sell jelly like this here in Spain. I brought this back from our last trip to the UK and have been waiting for the right occasion to unleash the delights of raw jelly on Zeph, my son.

I, too, produced it at bedtime and told him the story of how I used to eat this at Nanny Joan’s house when I was a little boy. We both chose a piece & took a bite.

“Bring back memories?” He asked sensitively.

“Mmm.” I replied closing my eyes.

It was a reminder, albeit a sad one, that people live and people die and the memories that they leave behind can either be good or bad. And although my Nan didn’t leave many good memories for some members of my family, this memory will most definitely go in the good pile for me.


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6 Responses to Raw Jelly Cubes.

  1. Stef says:

    I adore the sensitivity with which Z asked his question. You have a very sweet boy – no doubt a reflection of his very lovely parents.

  2. I don’t understand what these are and why they are “raw”. Are they fruit flavored?

    Sorry about your grandma. Mine passed last year too. So odd and comforting how smells and tastes can take you right back.

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    Yes raw jelly is something I also enjoyed as a child. Wonderful stuff!

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