Tuna & Sweetcorn Quiche with Rice Salad.

Thursday 21th July 2011

As it says in the blurb on the right of this blog, I started this blog to document what I feed my son. This entry follows my only guideline I set out for myself, which is that it must be prepared by me, myself & I. The only problem with today’s entry is that, I think, for the first time ever, the circle wasn’t completed.

I think of a quiche as a quick dinner. Make the pastry, mix the eggs with the sweetcorn, tuna and a tube of cottage cheese. Grate in some manchego cheese & a blob of creme fraiche. Spike the bottom of the flan case, put the filling in & into the oven for about 35 minutes – hey presto!

But in reality it takes ages. It’s a hour from flour to plate. Not such a quick dinner. Especially when spaghetti cooks in just 8 minutes.

Zephy got back from a party late & after cajoling him into the bath between mixing eggs & rolling out pastry, it was even later. So by the time we sat down to eat he was done.

He slumped, wet haired, over his plate, staring into the distance. I urged him to start eating but it didn’t even register that I was in the room. I left him to it.

“Daddy I don’t feel like eating. Can I have just fruit?” he asked.

We ended up reading books together while he ate a bowl of mango.

So it’s a meal I made for my son but he didn’t actually eat any of it.

Next time I’ll make spaghetti. πŸ˜‰


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2 Responses to Tuna & Sweetcorn Quiche with Rice Salad.

  1. Joanna Budden says:

    I love your blog Jonathan – you’ve got a really lovely way of writing! I hope you stuck the quiche in the fridge and Zephy can have it for his lunch. Looks yummy. What’s your pastry recipe????

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