Sautéed Vegetables.

Monday 25th July 2011

Here’s one I made earlier…

I’ve been looking forward to going to the supermarket here in Britain. More than anything, to see the huge selection of fruit & veg.

It’s amazing what a 1000 miles makes to the variety of fruit & vegetables on offer. It doesn’t make it better or worse, as the reason why they have a huge range is because it’s imported and therefore has an enormous carbon footprint, but it makes a change to have choice.

It’s great to be able to pick up seedless grapes – black & white!. We just don’t get them at home. Yellow & orange bell peppers, sugar snap peas, fresh sweetcorn, swede, kale, blackberries, passion fruit, baby sweetcorn & mange tout are all treats for us. In fact we usually buy a pack of sugar snaps & mange tout to carry around with us for him to snack on. He eats them like any other child would eat crisps.

We are very lucky. 🙂

“Come on then, let’s do the A to Z of fruit n’ veg.” I suggested to amuse Zeph while he was languishing in a bubble bath.

“A-apple…B-banana…C-carrot…D-dates…E-egg plant…F-fig….G-grapes…H-horseradish…I-iceberg lettuce…J-jalopino…K-kale…L-lichees…M-mango…N-nut…O-orange…P-pineapple…Q-quince…R-raspberries…S-sweetcorn…T-tomatoes…U-Eh, we’ll come back to that…V-vine leaves…W-watermelon…X-that’s impossible…Y-yellow plum…Z-zucchini.”

It took us a while and we had to use a few American names but we got there in the end, except for U and X, that is. 😉


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2 Responses to Sautéed Vegetables.

  1. Stef says:

    I love mish-mashes of stuff. Your sauteed veggies look terrific.

    As for U: ugli fruit. And X: ummm….. I’m stumped. 😉

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