Tuesday 2nd August 2011

As we travel around the UK visiting various relatives, my son, Zephyrus, has a chance to experience things that he isn’t always privy to at home. When in London, he gets to catch up with his cousins, with his Avi & Yaya he goes to the penny arcade, with his Grandma he can play (a lot of) tennis & here with his Granddad, not only can he play with the cats but more importantly he does his annual trip to the pick-your-own fruit farm.

Court Farm in Tillington has a bit of everything. Farm animals for the kids to look at, a maize maze, a very nice café, a trampoline & a huge range of fruit & veg to pick. Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, plums, apples & of course raspberries. Every time we come here we make a bee line for the raspberries. We always pick too many, but that’s half the fun. This time we ended up with 2 punnets full. Luckily, we were travelling on to some friends for dinner so it was the perfect excuse to arrive with the entire makings for a pavlova.

I bought the meringue case from the farm shop, whipped the cream until stiff, popped the fruit on top & sprinkled with some icing sugar – Voilà!

I cut everybody an enormous slice and we all stuffed our face little children.

Zephy did well.

“I can’t eat another bit of that meringue…” He announced. “…I’m done.”

All counts as one of your five a day too. You just have to ignore the cream & meringue. 😉


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4 Responses to Pavlova.

  1. Stef says:

    Do you bake pavlova? Or is it a soft, fluffy base? It looks delish!

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