Saturday 6th August 2011

Zephy eats about 4½ pieces of fruit a day. He more often than not will have half a banana on top of his cereal in the morning, to start with.

Then around 11 o’clock we’ll give him another. Maybe a chopped up apple or pear. This is what we would call his second breakfast.

For dessert after lunch we’ll all have fruit. That’s when the soft fruits come out; strawberries, watermelon or cherries. Mostly because we have to buy them in bigger quantities which means there is enough for all of us.

Between 4 & 5 o’clock he’ll have a snack. After his sandwich, we’ll give him another piece of fruit. This will need to be portable as we are generally on the go around this time so a pot of grapes or a mandarin do the job.

If I have time I’ll make a fruit dessert to have after dinner but if not I’ll choose a fruit that can’t be transported well. Figs bruise too easily to carry around & kiwis go sloppy.

Mangos have to eaten at home because you need to cut them & eat them straight away.

Zephy & I sat in bed & ate this while I read him his book.


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4 Responses to Mango.

  1. Stef says:

    Did you give him the mango in a broken dish?

  2. roger edwards says:

    looks beautiful

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