Monday 6th August 2011

“If the police catch us will we get told off.” Zephy asked.

It was his introduction to scrumping. I had explained that when I was a child my Dad used to take us up the fields to get fruits. We used to call it scrumping but the fruit we were liberating was on free land. My son, Zephyrus, had become a little fixated with the stealing part of it.

“Nooo, we aren’t doing anything wrong picking blackberries from the side of the road.” I told him.

At the bottom of Mum’s road there’s an empty plot of land. It’s been like that ever since I was a boy. In fact we used to have grass fights on the playing field next door when the tractor came to give it it’s annual trim. It’s all over grown with stinging nettles, trees & just by luck a huge blackberry bush.

We noticed it when we came back from shopping and vowed to return later & collect our reward for finding it.

We filled our tub and feasted on the sweets fruits while the clouds taunted us with rain.

“If they do come, we’ll just have to explain.” He concluded.

I’ve done my job. šŸ˜‰


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2 Responses to Blackberries.

  1. Stef says:

    Encouraging kleptomania in your impressionable young son? *Tsk, tsk*


    The fruits look amazing; they might be worth a little jail time…

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