Chicken Goujon with Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Wednesday 10th August 2011

“If you had to choose between fusilli & chicken, which one would you choose?” My son asked.

“What, to eat?” I said.


“What, do you mean, for rest of my life or just to eat now?” I questioned.

“No, just to eat…like which one is your favourite?” He replied losing patience.

“That’s tough…” I said.

Zeph & I have talked before about what our favourite foods are. Favourite food, per se, is a bit too big and general so we tend to break it down into topics; favourite fruits, favourite pasta or favourite meat. On many an occasion I have waxed lyrical about my liking for fusilli pasta and its undulating curves that hold a sauce so well but have equally talked endlessly about the fact that chicken brought me back from my vegetarian wilderness.

“…well if I had to choose between the two to eat every day for the rest of my life I guess I’d have to choose…” I paused for effect. “…could I put anything on it?”

“Come on which one!” He demanded.

“I dunno. It’s too hard. Which one would you choose?”

“I’d choose the chicken.” He said without missing a beat.

“Yeah…me too.” I replied.


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3 Responses to Chicken Goujon with Sweet Chilli Sauce.

  1. Stef says:

    What is “goujon”?

    Can I pick veggies over both the pasta and the chicken? 😉

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    These were excellent goujons I must say!

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