Thursday 25th August 2011

Two days later….

Of course the obligatory lasagne. But to be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. Barely a shadow of its former self. Not only was it a cheap imitation of a bolognese sauce without the mushrooms, I was now put through the humiliation of having to prepare a lasagne without cheese.

Gone was the cottage cheese & crème fraîche mix that I had grown so fond of. Instead it was replaced with a soya milk based white sauce. You couldn’t get any more tasteless. A white sauce at the best of times tastes like it sounds but made with sweet soya milk & a butter substitute, it added a whole new level of boring. I did place a slice of Dutch Edam on the top of one side & a layer of spinach, in the hope that it wouldn’t ruin my family’s day as well.

“I don’t eat much dairy really.” I used to say.

Thinking, Well, I don’t put milk in my coffee nor on my cereal & I don’t eat cheese sandwiches either, therefore I don’t eat much dairy.


Having now had a couple of weeks to adjust my menus to my new dietary requirements, I’ve been made aware that what I thought was ‘cutting down’ on dairy was in fact eating all dairy, bar milk.

As I was making this lasagne the penny finally dropped that I can kiss goodbye to pesto, milk chocolate digestives, pizza, Tartiflette, macaroni cheese, goat’s cheese tarts, baguettes, croissants, lasagne, carbonara, puff pastry, crêpes & Nutella, amongst other more obvious lactose products.

I’m not crying, it could be worse. Just needed to talk. 😉

R.I.P. Dairy.


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6 Responses to Lasagne.

  1. Oh wow. I think I would be crying. So sorry.

  2. Stef says:

    Dairy is a tough one. It’s actually one of the reasons why I’m not vegan; I just enjoy cheese (milk, butter, chocolate, cream, etc.) too much.

    Bummer Jonathan. I really am sorry. 😦

    Can you maybe take a lactose-blocking type product and see if that helps? Maybe worth a shot?

  3. ZAK PEGG says:

    I like lasagne a lot. Your blog makes me very hungry for comfort food now. Thanks for visiting my blog. CHEERS

  4. Amanda says:

    I feel your pain Jon. But… MAN UP! x

  5. Mistral Zagni says:

    I thought it still tasted great! I then enjoyed my desert of fresf fruit and cream and custard…I love the diary!

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